About Stef De Reys

Tetrameros founder Stef De Reys

Stef De Reys has +20 years of experience in the Medical Device Industry. He has conducted and overseen over 30 clinical trials. He has validated and analyzed scientific data sets leading to new product development efforts and enhanced value propositions. He has guided several startups from inception to market validation.

According to his peers, Stef exerts following attributes:

  • Thinking fast in terms of accelerated solutions
  • Collaborator & team builder
  • High performer
  • Ability to provide broad and deep focus at the same time
  • Focused execution
  • International scope and experience
  • Reliable and loyal partner

The Tetrameros story

Your organization crucially needs broad strategic thinking, but the setting direction needs to be complemented with deep thorough hands-on work. Tetrameros starts with the letter T meaning we are capable of delivering both aspects, tailor-made according to your needs.
Tetrameros literally means “four parts” which are all inter-connected. These parts are knowledge management, startup management, KOL management and interim management. Explore the inter-relationship between them here. An advantage is one stop shopping and keeping solutions in one place.

Explore how our areas of expertise are connected

The interim management activity brings people together. In startups and scaleups people provide innovation. People generate lots of knowledge that needs to be disseminated. Key opinion leaders are people that stimulate additional thought.
Key opinion leaders, startups & scaleups are at the core of generating more knowledge. That knowledge is further shared. KOLs may be key to elevate the value proposition of a startup or scaleup.
Knowledge is generated by startups, scaleups and KOLs but often stays static and is not disseminated. Better knowledge management may generate will generate more KOLs and accelerate startup business dynamics.
Startups & scaleups need to bring innovation to a fast changing market. Therefore, they need to be agile using better knowledge management and embrace an expanding KOL group. As organizational structure is dynamic, they may be served best with interim management.