Knowledge Management

Tetrameros Founder Stef De Reys

At Tetrameros we believe knowledge isn’t power but a means of connecting people, processes and technology.

  • Do you keep up with everything you need to know or are there gaps in your current knowledge?
  • Do you share what you currently know?
  • Do you use what you know to the best effect?

Educational Sessions

In a first instance, Tetrameros will give educational sessions to your organization. Here is a selection of topics:

Scientific & Medical
  • Cell therapies for the treatment of malignant hematological diseases
  • Exchange therapies to treat neurological diseases
  • Exchange therapies in nephrology
  • Stem cells: past, present and future applications
Data science
  • Biostatistics for health professionals
  • Processing large data sets and consolidating results: where to start
  • Presenting complex data science towards a broad audience in a simple way
Medical affairs in med tech
  • Building a medical affairs organization to deliver value
  • Compliance within Medical Affairs
  • Cross-functional collaboration with Medical Affairs: opportunities and challenges
  • Publishing great scientific/medical papers in high impact journals
  • Deliver value through the BMY™ concept
  • Stuck in your career?…Help is on its way

Later on, we can help you build a more extensive knowledge management system.

Ultimately, the goal is to build an efficient knowledge management system and connect it to your organization’s goals to increase its performance.

Want further information, a complete overview of our knowledge management services and a proposal?