Startups & Scaleups

Startups & scaleups exhibit a great innovation potential. This leads to increased patient benefits, the solution to an unmet medical need. Return on investments are substantial.

However, mostly startup & scaleups are lean. Productivity and efficiencies are central to progression. A limited staff that works hard is at the core of startup or scaleup success.

Several uncertainties need to be managed. There are technology risks, clinical risks and regulatory risks, just to name a few. De-risking the venture often entails the involvement of senior personal to mentor them along the way.

Tetrameros will help startups and scaleups accelerating their business and wants to be your partner throughout several critical development stages:

Pre-startup phase:

  • provide help and leadership with scientific/medical due diligence
  • give strategic guidance

Market validation phase:

  • Design and implement full clinical trial plan leading to market approvals
  • Further align product to market match
  • Lay out the clinical, scientific and medical foundations for further expansion and growth

Scaleup phase:

  • Solve operational problems
  • Ensure scientific/medical/clinical team expansion
  • Increase value proposition building